How can I contact JVAC? In case of emergency?

In an emergency always call 911, then call JVAC's emergency hotline: 561-270-JVAC (5822)

Where does JVAC operate?

JVAC was founded in Palm Beach County with plans to expand throughout South Florida and beyond soon.


JVAC was started to help patients during those few precious minutes between calling 911 and ambulance arrival when immediate and proper care can mean survival. Our primary mission is to provide trained responders who can apply proper skills and equipment and providing competent medical care until arrival of professional EMS personnel (who have primary responsibility of treating and transporting ill or injured persons). Since our responders are local, our goal is to have an average on-scene arrival of less than three minutes.

Is JVAC run by volunteers? Is anyone on salary?

JVAC is fully run by volunteers who do not receive a salary or any other form of compensation.

How are JVAC responders licensed?

Our responders are nationally or state-certified Medical Doctors, Paramedics, and EMTs.

Does JVAC do more than provide emergency medical assistance? Please give examples.

Yes! While our focus is on providing emergency care, we can also educate the community through CPR, First Aid, and the Stop the Bleed programs. These programs are available free of charge and can be set up through houses of worship or schools. We are also a Florida approved no cost distributor of Naloxone (the generic name for Narcan) a medicine approved to reverse opioid overdoses.

How is JVAC different from 911’s ambulance?

In a true emergency always call 911 to make sure an ambulance is on the way for transport to a hospital. JVAC “bridges the gap” from activation of traditional EMS until their arrival. Our local professional fire/rescue crews do a phenomenal job, with an average response time of about 8 minutes from activation. Seconds matter when it comes to life-threatening emergencies, and we aim to have emergency medical responders on scene in under 3 minutes from when JVAC is activated. This increases the likelihood of positive medical outcomes. We are a fully licensed and insured agency, providing first response-only services in specific communities and their surrounding areas, working in tandem with the local EMS system.